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What is Reiki

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and it is a touch healing system that has ancient origins. Valid for everyone it helps any living thing, never causes harm and its energy can complement other healing methods - aiding conventional medical treatments as well as other holistic therapies.


In a Reiki treatment the Life Force from the Universe is channelled through the practitioner to the client. Energy is transmitted through the hands and fingers of the therapist as they either place their hands gently on the body, or just above in the client’s aura or energy field. The Universal Energy has its own intelligence; it will go to wherever it is needed and can work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, therefore treating the whole person and the cause of their condition rather than just addressing their symptoms.

Reiki has 5 main effects


It can bring about deep relaxation


It can dissolve energy blockages


It can help with detoxification


It supplies healing Universal Energy


It increases the vibrational frequency of the body


Together these effects result in the energising and rebalancing of the individual which can then facilitate wellbeing.

The Principles of Reiki


Just for today:

Do not be angry


Do not worry


Be grateful


Work with diligence


Be kind to others, and to yourself

Sarah’s Reiki Treatments

During my reiki treatments I sometimes use crystals to enhance the chakras (the body’s energy centres), and I use the Tibetan singing bowls to initiate relaxation at the start of a session. Treatments cost £40 and last between an hour and an hour and a half. I feel it is important for there to be enough time to discuss what has emerged during the session so the client can feel empowered in their own healing.  

I also offer Reiki Distance Healing Treatments. A session lasts for 20-30 minutes and costs £30. A treatment entails arranging a mutual time with the client where they are able to be somewhere quiet and able to receive the Reiki I am sending. I then follow up with a phone call to check everything is okay.

For further information, or to book either types of treatment, please get in touch using the contact page.

Sarah’s Reiki Courses

As a Reiki Master-Teacher I really enjoy teaching and attuning people to Reiki and enabling them in this wonderful healing system:

Reiki 1 is known as the light switch and opens the healing centres in the hands. It is a two day course during which time you will receive four attunements and learn the hand positions for healing, so enabling self-healing and healing for friends and family. The course costs £150.

Reiki 2 increases the energy given in Reiki 1 and enables emotional and absent or distance healing. Three attunements are given and you will learn the three Reiki symbols. This is a two day course and costs £250.

Reiki 3 Master is known as The Great Shining Light and is all energy balancing. During this four day course one attunement is given and the fourth Reiki symbol is taught. This symbol shifts the receiver’s energy into a higher dimension so increasing personal energy and healing presence. The course costs £600.

For more information on Reiki training please get in touch via the contact page.

Reiki 1 Course TBC

Reiki 2 Course TBC

Reiki Master Course tbc

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