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“Sarah’s ability to accurately tune into the location of a physical problem has surprised and impressed me. Sometimes there has been considerable relief from pain within a matter of hours, at other times it has been more gradual. Sarah is a genuine and caring person who undoubtedly has the true gift of healing.” Jennie



"The sound therapy experience was relaxing and enriching; floating in a comfortable but enriching mind space. When needed, recalling this experience enhanced by drumming revives and balances me." Trevor



“Every Reiki treatment with Sarah offers me a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The sessions are serene but also energising. I look forward to experiencing the beautiful intense colours and sensations from which I gain strength, happiness and an enduring calm”. Jane



“I loved the sound bath, during which I felt as if I was in a cocoon, protected and wrapped up, absorbed in the music and detached from the outside world. Afterwards I felt completely refreshed and since then I have been sleeping so much better-altogether an amazing experience”. Emma

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