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My work today as an energy healer has its foundations in my career as a professional singer and singing teacher, and also my interest in people which I pursued through a psychology degree. Whilst working in the music business I realised not only the incredible power of music but also the ability of sound to heal and transform. This awareness, together with my desire to help people, drew me to holistic therapies and I began my Reiki and Sound Therapy training. I am now a Reiki Master-Teacher in the Usui Method of Natural Healing and a Sound Healer, and am a member of the UK Reiki Federation.

As an energy healer I use Reiki and Sound to connect to the Universal Field of Energy to help restore mind, body and spirit, and enable them to interact once more in harmony and operate as a whole. I find that being able to use both forms of these non-intrusive treatments, either independently or combined, gives me the flexibility and versatility to respond to my client’s needs and wishes. Both treatments can help to reduce stress-induced conditions, and also to support and enhance other forms of treatment by harmonising and reinforcing the body’s natural ability to heal at all levels. I believe disorder or dis-ease occurs when parts of the whole become separate and conflicting, and that my role as a healer is to facilitate wellbeing by channelling Universal Energy to develop balance and unity.

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